Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today I am emotional and reflective. Erick and I got married 7 LONG years ago today!! Wow. We have had what feels like a long and eventful marriage so far. So many great things have come along, ok, just 3. ha! Just looking back I feel like we were such kids when we got married. Now we are old professional married people. Lately I have been thinking of our many "learning experiences" along the way. We are traveling a long road together and I am so glad he is the one by my side through it all. I love Erick so much more today than ever and he still cracks me up and makes my heart flutter. I love you honey!!

The layout is a page I did this week in honor of our anniversary. We were at Epcot at Disney world on our rad honeymoon. But to be honest, I would rather take that trip again now...I think I would appreciate it for what it was even more. Erick worked two jobs while we were engaged and paid for the whole dang thing up front. We look like kids.

The other picture is my hottie hubby last week after losing more than 50lbs!!! His shirt says, "You should need a permit for these Guns!" with arrows pointing towards the biceps. Every guy needs a good ego boost right??


Emily said...

Happy anniversary! And congrats on the studly hubby! I love the shirt!

Amie said...

Hi Becca, thanks for trying out for my blog candy. You won! send me your name and addy and I'll get your stuff in the mail asap!

Stephanie said...

Like the shirt and the farmer's tan.

7 years WOW! You know I was just pondering the other day how young and silly we were when we got married. It was a crazy first couple of years but then one day you both grow up and you laugh about all those stupid things you did! I'm sure ten years from now we'll probably be doing the same thing. N-E-ways congrats!

Aunt T said...

Happy Anniversary. Your pictures are adorable.