Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I feel blessed this Fathers Day to have such great men in my life. Erick is a great father to our kiddos. My dad is a good man and I appreciate his help and support. My father in law, "dad" is also so supportive of us and a good example to his family.

We have had a very nice Father's Day saturday. We had Erick's fave breakfast, Creamed Eggs on Toast, got out the pool again, and took naps! What dad could ask for more?

I wish everyone a great fathers day. to those celebrating with their dads or in spirit, hope this is a nice weekend for you all. The world needs more great dads like the ones I know.

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Jen said...

Hi Becca!

Great photos for scrapping!!! Thanks for visiting n' commenting. So cute that your daddy loves SPAM too...

hugs n' aloha,