Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Look What We Did!! A total blast!

Ok, erick and I are hanging out celebrating our anniversary tonight. We are having too much fun. I suggested this activity. We put the kids to bed, and now we are going to watch Batman Begins and order a pizza. Yummy!! Big splurge for us these days. And Erick and I remembered that we ordered pizza the day we got married too. Good times.


Stephanie said...

Cute pics. You guys both look SO good. What great accomplishments!

BTY,I really like the picture where you are gazing into each other's eyes.

Emily said...

Great photos! I don't think Ty and I have ever taken a picture together.

Pizza and a movie. It just doesn't get much better than that. and I adore Christian Bale--good movie choice.

Amie said...

How cute! happy many years? thanks for your kind comments on my blog. It's been a crazy week! Next week, probably 3 more doctors' appts and cross your fingers no more ER visits!!