Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Grattitude Is....

Have you ever needed help of some kind but felt too prideful to ask? Or what about feeling like someone else probably needs help with something more than you do? Have you felt guilty wanting to ask for help with something you think you shouldn't need help with? I HAVE!! I feel this last one far too often.

Erick and I are blessed with a huge home. A home has a lot of land and space for a little family in a suburban neighborhood. We often joke about it being a money pit lately. It seems we are being hit with one thing after another that is falling apart, breaking, or in need of updating. For us, this is too much! We seem to not have enough time or money to fix or maintain the many issues with our house. We want to appreciate it, but it burdens us more to try to keep it up. This has been an ongoing discussion in our house. What to do... One solution is to sell the house. This may seem rash, but its been a long time coming as well as there being other factors. So, we want to fix some things and maybe list the house. In the meantime, how to fix it up. We had a quote on some bush trimming. If you know me, you have heard about our bushes. I talk about them all the time. I like trimming them... ha! It just seems overwhelming. We decided to ask for some help. We talked to our home teachers, who agreed to help. We had 5 families here, including us, last night for FHE, and in 3+ hours of time, had some great results. Erick and I are so thankful for this help. These families made the time and brought supplies, energy, and enthusiasm to help get this done. They may never realize HOW much we are GRATEFUL to them! So thanks Galbraith, Brady, Hollensworth, and Holt families!! Couldn't have done it without you! We made a huge dent in the landscape. Now Erick and I feel able to finish the rest!! The before pics are embarrassing!! Just remember we have 3 active ping pong balls keeping us too exhausted for yard work. But maybe not now!




Lucy said...

You should email this link to all the friends that helped - OH MY HECK!! They did an amazing job. WOWSERS!!

janet said...

Becca, how wonderful that all thos people helped you out!!! Glad you got help!! Good luck doing the rest and listing your house!