Friday, August 3, 2007

Blog Challenge

Ok, here is another one:

Who is my favorite Author? Why, and what books have I read by that author?
Well, I think I will say Marry Higgins Clark, because they are just fun to read. I still dont always figure out the ending and they are a quick escape. I also really like Jodi Picoult. I have read most of MHC's books and quite of few of Jodi P's. Jodi's are quite serious and actually affect me emotionally more than I like, I almost cant read hers because I do sometimes feel kinda depressed or effected by the story. Fun fact though, she is writing the Wonder Woman comic right now, which for obvious reasons is cool in this house. (Erick is the comic guru) Not that we even read that comic, silly I know. Anyway, some information about me for what it is worth.

I just today finished a book called, Hannah, Mormon Midwife. Erick picked it up out of a box of giveaway books outside the church library for me. Surprising, I actually LOVED this story. It takes place long ago when Utah was newly settled and its the story of a woman who changes the way women have their babies. Lots of side stories and inspiring things... as far as I could tell, it was a novel. Anyway, as Utah is a magic place to me, I really enjoyed it. It makes me want to talk in a formal fashion, and hang salted ham, and slice fresh baked bread, and prepare to endure a long cold winter (not really, thank goodness I didnt live back then!!).


One Scrappy Chicklet said...

Love the new look. Congrats on being published. The layout is gorgeous. I totally "heart" those colors.


Valery said...

Love your new blog look. May have to check that book out!