Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Flowerful Card Challenge

Well, here is my take on a flowerful card for a challenge on this blog. Samm has a fun blog, and a great giveaway!

This was a fun card to do... very simple and I like the peaceful feel.

In other news, today Jed is over at a friend's for a playdate. How fun for him, he never gets to do stuff like that. I think he is having a blast, and while he is out, Luke has been napping, while Ella and I scrap together!


Crafty in Calgary said...

This is a sweet card! Beautifully done!
:) Domenica
Crafty in Calgary

Samm said...

This is very cute!!! what a pretty card! love the little flowers and the colour compliments the Peaceful sentiment.

Thanks for joining in on my first challenge!


mum on the run said...

Great card, it's so pretty!

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

Love the card, the colors are perfect.