Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A bit about me...

-I am a blogger because-
My friend Steph told me to do it! Plus I thought it was a great idea to keep family and friends in the loop of our little family. It has also become a way to communicate and meet other online people, particularly in the scrappy online world! I am also very nosey and read a lot of blogs! It has been a lot of fun!
-I live where I do because-
Erick got a job up this way almost 2 years ago! Thats about it! Not too exciting! Indiana is home to me.
-I like ________ about myself-
My sense of humor, quick witt, and my patience.
-I don't like ________ about myself-
I dont like my short fuse with my kids(doesnt sound very patient does it??) or my ornery Sunday morning attitude.
-I always wanted to be a _______-
employee at mcdonalds, teacher, physical therapist, dancer, interior designer, mother... I am in fact, a mother.
-I see myself in the future doing _____________-
More mommy stuff, finishing a college degree, service.

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