Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ella's Snarl and Jed's Sports

Ok, well Ella has this facial expression that is so funny. She snarls her nose a bit and it cracks us up. I did see Erick doing it recently. I got a pic of her doing it (not completely), and I thought it was so cute. I pulled her hair back and I think she looks so different. She is growing up!

Also, I forgot to post about this, but back in July my dad's company sponsored a fun fest at the local SilverHawks baseball game. The kids played games and we watched a few minutes of baseball, and ate yummy burgers and dogs. I took some cute pics, but there was one of Jed, totally spontanious that I think captures the true baseball player in him... I think its time to sign him up for the sport!


Sheila said...

Ella is so cute! I love getting photos of the faces they make!
And Jed, ready for the majors!!!

Sheila said...

I did look at your other link to cm not sure but I love the layout of your son with the 4 pics, I tried to vote, but not on that site it wouldn't let me give you and excelent! Are you trying for GDT good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed!