Monday, August 20, 2007

A couple sketches

here are a couple little cards I made. The Love card is using a sketch from Sketch This Cards. The Love and Wishes one is from CPS #26. For the non scrappers, a sketch is just that, a sketch or map of a card or layout. An idea of where to position your photos, sentiments, embellishments, etc... I love sketches because I dont always know what to do!! They are a great guideline for me. I had fun making these.

Well, as today is Monday, I am unmotivated!! I have laundry calling my name, a kitchen floor to sweep, and kids who want to use their scissors!! Which is nice, because it does mean I can get away with scrapping a little while they work on their projects! I also have to plan for Preschool. This week will be all about Space and Rocket ships (space shuttles). Jed has been asking about this all weekend.

Oh and to you Lurkers out there, reading my blog and not posting comments...I know you are there and thanks for stopping! If you want to leave comments you can just register with blogger, you just use your email address and a password. We have not had any extra spam from registering, so go for it if you want to let me know you were here! Have a great monday!!


Julie said...

your cards look fabulous!!

. said...

hahha i didnt mean to lurk, i was actually scanning for the pictures of the mini album and how to make them. Thanks!

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