Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I didnt know what to blog about today. Until I found this info!

ok, well there is a big buzz going around the internet. First I found a link to this Ebay auction. If you are a mom, I say please read her whole listing!! If you are not a mom, read it and then hug a mom!! Ok, so she does have a blog too. Check it here. Very funny blog. Also, she has a video of a funny baby laughing, watch it here. So sigh, my mood is lifted, I am a huge fan of the internet! It's like Taco Bell, It brings people together. (dont ask about that, its an obscure reference to my high school friends). Anyway, enjoy some laughs, add Dawn's blog to your faves, I think I will link it up on my blog and smile to myself. I just said to my sis today, No one really understands my life... Duh, You ALL do!!! Have a wonderful day!!!


Suzanne Wells - The eBay Coach said...

Hey, this is funny - I put a blog post on my blog about the same thing - that auction and the mom that wrote it! Too funny. Us moms gotta stick together!!

Chelly said...

hi, saw you over at Dawn's blog... Your name looked familure, so I thought I would stop by. Saddly not who I thought it was, but figured since I stopped by, I would say hi!

Anonymous said...

omgosh, too funny, lol