Friday, August 31, 2007

The end of the Month already!

Wow, We are saying good bye to August today! Oh well!! Its been a hot one, so that is ok! I am glad its friday. Im ready for a nice weekend. I am going to see if I can break my internet addiction this weekend! Maybe not get online but once a day or something! Wish me luck! The day we got a cable upgrade and new phone service my house was so clean and the kids were extra happy because I was "available" for them a lot more. That was a good day, but then I did enjoy getting back online to chat and blog. So before I take my hiatis, I am going through and leaving thoughts and checking some stuff out. So here are some of my fave websites I want to share with you... Of course Paper Popsicles is great as I am on their team. Melissa has some great sneak peeks of October kits and the message boards are always a blast! I have also discovered a fun new kit site, Savvy N Sassy and I LOVE the message boards there. The gang is very friendly and they have super cool challenges and photo stuff. Also, they have the coolest ribbon kits I have EVER seen! Here is one of my faves! As Sept is approaching, I am thinking my Birthday is just around the corner!! hmm.... Also I happened upon another up and coming kit site: fresh pages co and the sneek peek on their blog looks super cool! I will be keeping my eye on that site! I admire anyone starting up their own business!

So spend some time with family, relax, and shop, scrap, rest, or do whatever makes ya happy!! I will be enjoying my long weekend, so you should too!

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Emily said...

Wow, way to break the net habit. I've tried, but just can't quit. Yeah, I wonder what I did with myself before we got hi-speed. I'm sure my house was cleaner and my kids were happier too! Good luck! And it was nice to see you at church today!