Thursday, August 30, 2007


>Wow, Today is Jed's FIFTH birthday! 5 seems like a lot older than 4! I remember him as a new baby. I remember the day he was born. I was induced due to high blood pressure, only now we know that was just for the doctor to justify the procedure. If I go back I would not be induced. There was no need. Anyway, labor was intense and painful to say the least. It was also very quick. I remember the moment Jed arrived into the world!! Such a miracle! He was an adorable baby and came out crying and yelling... oh the warning that was! He was quiet in my arms. I loved that soft baby fuzz and cozy feeling you get when you cuddle a forward 6 months! Jed was still crying, still wide awake, regardless of time, and I was extra thin, exhausted, and plain dog tired. Jed was always in my arms, always sleeping in my bed and wearing me out! (see post about friends! remember those days girls?) Jed has come a LONG way in 5 years! He goes to bed without much fight, still loves to read and look at books, still cries daily though and still wakes before the crack of dawn and STILL takes a nap! Ha! Lucky me!! He is a great big brother and for that it was worth having him first. I do miss those days of it just being me and him. Check back in Oct for the story of the day that changed on Ella's birthday!! So here he is in all his superhero glory, looking like a real kid instead of a toddling preschooler. Time really does fly. I love you Jed, no matter how crazy you make me! You fit right in with all your drama and issues! We love you just as you, never forget that, and remind me of that once in a while!!

ps. Here is totally awesome thinking: We can get the kids halloween costumes and call them birthday presents! ha!


Sheila said...

Great photos of the birthday boy! Your right they do grow up too fast!!!

Rebecca said...

Yep..this is the one Connor got too! And their birthdays are close together too!

Valery said...

Love those photos!!! Can't wait to see that page!