Saturday, August 18, 2007

Garage Sale Treasures!

Ok, well I have missed the rush of garage sales this season. Last time I went I think it was for Mother's Day!!!! So I stopped at a couple today. I found some great things. I have discovered another fun scrappy site...They are all about ribbons. Which if someone were to ask me what my fave supply or embellishment is, I will reply RIBBON!! I have been in a slump tho... feeling like I keep using it the same way. So this new site has inspired me. Well, go figure that I would find beautiful lace ribbon, trims, and ric rac at a garage sale! Not to mention 2 composition books - screaming, alter me!!! I also got some sequins for me or for preschool stuff. I thought about decorating the comp books for the kids for school...but they will pick it apart I am sure! Anyway, I also got some metal clips and a coupon organizer that I plan to alter, and three super cute little jars for buttons, sequins and stuff!! Yay!! If you wanna check out the fun site I discovered, click here to visit Savvy N Sassy.

So anyway, are you following the toy recall news related to Lead Poisoning? There is a great article in the Sept issue of Parents Mag about Lead. I have decided I want to get all my kids tested for poisoning. The article says that if your home is older than 1978 you should test your kids under 6 annually. Lead Poisoning is serious and causes behavioral problems, does permanent neurological damage, including resulting in ADHD! This makes me so nervous! A finger prick is worth knowing for my family. Just what I need, one more thing to obsess about!! Anyway, not to cause alarm, but I recommend following this story.

Enjoy the weekend!!

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