Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Before and After, and First Day of School!

Well, Jed misses the K cutoff by 29 days...So he has a whole year to wait before he can start school. I am really ok with this as once he starts, its the end of his days at home with me. Now, Lucy stop laughing, I'm being serious! I like my kids at home...(sinister laugh!!) All jokes aside, I decided to start school with everyone else in town. Yes indeed, I am doing *gasp* preschool for Jed and Ella!!! Today was our first day. In preparation, we cut Jed's mullet. We felt like he was starting to look a little too much like McGyver. So I have my handsome, clean cut boy back. I did love his lazy summer look though. Ella and Luke are due for trims, but Luke has the only trace of curl on any of the kids and I cant bare to cut those little fluffs off his chubby neck! Ella, well, she recently cut her own hair, so she is good for now. By the way, has anyone seen my little chubby toddler, Jed??? I cannot find him anywhere, the only kid I see is tall, and nearly 5!!! *gasp*

So what did we do at school you ask? We talked frogs and toads. We have found a TON of frogs in our yard this summer, so I felt the kids would totally dig this topic. (We are trying to get our yard delegated as a nature preserve, so we wont have to mow...mwahhhaahhahh) Anyway, last night for FHE we went on a frog hunt. Jed just walked in the yard and found one. Then today we were checking on the frog (ok, its an American Toad) and sure enough, he looks over, oh, here is another one!! Total BOY! We made paper frogs, sang old mcdonald had a frog, read books, and ate worms for a snack. I totally convinced Jed we were going to eat worms, just like frogs...(muwahhhhhhaahhhh-This is a laugh for anyone who is confused) See PHOTO. Click to enlarge.

Have a great day! Im giving myself a pat on the back...I might just be mom of the year after all!


Lucy said...

Wahoo!! You did it - Great Job Sis!

Julie said...

they are just adorable. Dont worry about him having to wait another year. Coming from a teacher's standpoint, it is more advantageous to wait. The older ones seem to do better then the younger ones. Now the young ones can do just fine, but most the time when a child is struggling it happens with the younger ones. Enjoy your extra year with him. Great blog too!

Emily said...

What a great preschool teacher you are! Frogs happen to be Maddie's favorite subject too. Love the surfer dude haircut before, but the clean cut look is cute too! How fun!