Friday, August 10, 2007

Please VOTE!

Well I entered a few pics of my kids into a little photo contest. One of Jed is one of the finalists. You can vote here. You have to click twice I think. You know you voted when you see the voting results. There is a link to the gallery to see the other pics to see which one you like. The one I entered is called Jed. Simple enough and its a pic I took of him one day picking crab apples from our tree. Please vote for me, or if you have another favorite, that is ok with me! Really. I will live. It was fun to get to this point. There were 63 entries and they narrowed it to 26. So thats cool.
Last night I went to crop with some friends at our local scrap store. It was fun, but also tempting. They had a big clearance sale going. I spent $4.75. I think I win the contest for spending the least amount on scrappy stuff!! I did get a lot of work done and I was playing with my cosmo cricket Christmas goodies.


Michelle Jo Klomp said...

I voted for you :-) Wow under $5 bucks. That is talent!

Good Luck on the contest

Dustanne said...

wow under $4.50.....heck if I spend less than $15 I am (so is hubby)
Not sure which one was yours, but I voted :o)