Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A blog is kind of like:

my locker in high school! I love adding new things, changing the theme with my mood, and writing whatever I feel like. Today I added a playlist. This was so fun. And as a tribute to the ole nostalgic school days, I included a NKOTB song, cause really, weren't they the best?? Honestly. Go over to my playlist, click on the song, and rock out, I wont tell. Just know I am rockin here with ya! The songs I picked have some significance. Life is A Highway is the henrie family theme song. The kids love it cause its from CARS, and I love it cause its Rascall Flatts, and Erick loves it cause I say he does. Its going to be part of scrappy page one of these days with the following pics from a recent road trip. The others have their stories too. And some are just cool!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Isn't Erick the most handsome?

Well, I LOVE the Fall, I love back to school season - cant wait to actually have kids who are in school! My birthday is Friday and I am feeling it! The kids are already excited. This morning Jed climbed up into bed next to Erick and whispered... "Daddy, I don't know what to get mommy for her birthday, maybe a movie and some other stuff." It was cute to hear his little whispers, already planning for me. What a cutie. Of course the very first thing he said was, "Mom, I dreamed about breakfast"!!!! I thought that was too funny! hint hint, someone is hungry.

Anyway, enjoy my playlist, I am. Enjoy my slideshow, I am. Enjoy my blog, I am. Thanks for visiting, and thanks to the lurkers and those who leave me comments! The playlist needs some tweaking. I realize it doesn't quite fit in the window there, so its hard to scroll through the list... hm.. off to mess with it! Happy Wednesday.


janet said...

Hi Becca!!! Thanks for leaving comments on my blog!!! I love the slide show and I love your playlist! I have to add one of those to mine!!! Your blog looks really great!

Mickey said...

I'm so sad that I can't listen to the NKOTB song with you - NOT! My work blocks me from listen to music online, I'll just have to eagerly wait until I get home to catch up with what all the cool kids are listening to these days.

Mickey said...

Funny thing is the second time I viewed the page it started to work, luckily for me it was on the song by Pink which I will gladly rock out with you on.

Valery said...

Love the new look girlie!!! Can't wait to meet you!

I think you NEED to scrap the 'life is a highway' page!!!!

Laura said...

Becca you always sound like you are having a do you do it with 3 kids?

Emily said...

Jordon and Joe are totally mine.

Kristy said...

Thanks for tagging me that was fun.
Since your are such a scrapper you will appericate that I still have NKOTB trading cards in one of my scrap books from 6th grade.

Stephanie said...

I really like the Pink song on your blog. NKOTB are tight!