Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Take On Me...... (Guest Posting)

Ok, this is Erick chiming in for a guest post on the good ole blog. I am a big fan of the 80's, one hit wonders rock IMO. I am also a big fan of Family Guy, now the show is crude, rude, and a little edgy for the kids to watch, but a lot of the time they have several moments in an episode that just shines. Take this one for instance, combining two things I think rock, A-Ha and their big 80's hit "Take On Me" and Family Guy.

A little history, the music video for "Take On Me" was made in the 80's, and for an 80's music video, it was totally radicool. (Heh, I used and 80's word!) This video is a spoof, tease, poke fun of type deal, but it is great!(This clip is totally clean by the way, I would give it a PG rating)


******* Here is the real music video if you want to check it out as well.

Remember, it is all fun and games until flying monkeys attack.


Mickey said...

Dude I was so totally taken back to the 80's with that. I remember sportin' some fresh gear while kickin' it with my homeys. Well maybe not with this song exactly, but you know what I'm sayin? How's the Mac?

Stephanie said...

Wasn't that song used in the movie Mannequin? I used to LOVE that movie.