Thursday, September 27, 2007

For one day only... Vent here!

Ok, what is with RUDE people? really??? what happened to manners? I can be kind of a snotty person, I know this. But generally, I am polite. Hold doors, say please and thank you, even to strangers who didnt really require a thank you.. excuse me to someone who is in MY way. I am sometimes a pushover. Do I look like a doormat? Then other times I get all fired up, I can be the rude customer on the line or give one of my classic dirty looks. Most of the time I try to be kind and considerate of others. So it just really got under my skin tonight when I decided to run to target. I was standing in line. A bit back from the person in front of me, because lets be honest, he was big guy. I noticed the impatient woman in the line next to me. She glanced quickly at me, and as the "big" guy stepped forward, she swarmed in, BLANTANTLY cutting me in the line!! She looked at me first! RUDE! Dont we all look and ask, "Are you in this line?" duh! get some manners lady. She had 2 items and I had 2 items. I glared at her the whole time. She NEVER looked at me. She bought her two items with a 100 dollar bill though and took forever to get the 3 PENNIES from her wallet! UGh. seriously. I was VERY close to saying something. I wish in that first moment I had stepped forward and said, "Im sorry, Im waiting next." So did she win because I am still fuming and she is just counting her 87 dollars worth of change? Or did I win because I was the kinder person decided it wasnt worth my rude words? In fourty minutes it will all be forgotten as the season premiere of The Office starts!! I have seen a few previews, looks like Jim will be shirtless and Michael will be pantless!! woo hoo!! (not really about michael, but surely it will be a great laugh) and I will forget all about Money Bags Rude McRude. Oh, so for one day only.. or the one day you read this post... feel free to vent about any annoying situation you have incountered lately! its fun!! Tomorrow, I will have play by play info from the office!! woo hoo!!!


arlsmom said...

Rude people stink... This has happened to me too..but I did day "Oh excuse me...did you not notice that I was next in the can go right after I'm done". I have done this a bunch of times when they open a new line at a store...and someone from the back tries to step in front of everyone that has been waiting..
Feel good that you are the better person!!

Valery said...

I agree with are the better person! Funny as Collin was just telling me a story about how a girl in his class keeps kicking him. I asked him if he kicked back and he said "no". I told him that just because someone else does something mean, it does not give you the right to be mean back! You have to always have your thoughts and actions right....even if others don't!

Yes, kicking even happens in 5th grade! LOL! I told Patrick that I think the girl likes Collin cause she is not kicking any others! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed your show!

Lucy said...

Let's see what can I vent about??? HOW ABOUT THIS - I just spent fifty bucks at Jiffy Lube and they didn't rotate my tires like I had paid for... I'm TOTALLY annoyed. Like duh, I wouldn't notice?? I mean really! Now I have to go back and have them "really" rotate the tires. I swear it is because I was a woman.

Amie said...

This happened a couple of times to me in the past, but it never bugged me so much as when I was pregnant! I remember one time specifically, the gal did the same thing, then she looked up and noticed my big belly and was MORTIFIED, and started apologizing and explaining and justifying why she had to get in and I just rolled my eyes and shut up and waited. I can't handle confrontation. But I'll complain about it later!

Sheila said...

Rude people suck!!!! You're a better person....But I would have said something as soon as she came's amazing their schedule is always more important than yours!!! How about this for a response..."oh you wanted should have gotten here before me!"