Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tanisha is NOT here!!

So some of you may know about our recent "phone issues" with comcast. Just to be clear, our old phone number is not our current number. It has changed. Finally. However due to inadequate job skills by comcast employees, we continue to get calls for Tanisha... Dude, she doesn't live here, I promise, I'm not giving you my name, she clearly doesn't want you to get a hold of her, or she would have given you her new number, and no matter what time of day you call, I will still be answering the phone, and I will still be rude to you because you are in fact, annoying the crap out of me!!

I will try very hard to send out an email and give everyone my real number. Its the one that has been working lately, not our old vonage number. Ugh. Headache.

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