Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tricks, Treats, and Fun!

Jed thought I was a goof for sticking my face in the giant bowl of candy... I LOVE the smell... So he tried it too!

Last night was our trunk or treat at church. This was the first year I have taken my own kids where the weather was warm enough to really do the trunk or treat part. All the parents back into parking spaces, and the kids walk along from trunk to trunk. We had some hard core trunk decorators. It was very fun. Inside the church we had hot dogs, pumpkin bowling, and a cake walk. The kids had a great time. It was funny to see people dressed up, I had to do a double take for a few kids cause I couldnt tell who they were.

The kids got a lot of yummy candy, got worn out, and had a blast. My sister Victoria dressed up like Jane Austin, my nephew was a cave man... he cracked me up!! Such a cute kid and I think he makes a great cave man. Luke sported Jed's old scarecrow costume made by my mom. He was adorable in it. Overall a very fun night!

My niece enjoying her cupcake from the cakewalk. She helped make some of the cupcakes!

I love this picture of my nephew Dallin... I happened to snap this picture of the sweet little snow white looking up at the big tough marine! Totally cute! I love halloween!

Then Erick and I settled in to watch our Tuesday shows.. Bones was the best episode ever, so funny and entertaining! Love that show. Then I zipped through the results show for dancing with the stars!!! OMGOODNESS!!! I am shocked and bummed! I hate that Sabrina didn't make it!! What the heck??? She is so entertaining and honestly, I really don't want to watch Jane Seymour or Marie Osmond anymore! I'm so annoyed I didn't vote. I don't want Sabrina to win really, I want Helio to win... he is a cutie pie... but I love watching Sabrina dance. Ugh. Such a bummer, I wish I could have thrown something at the TV!

Oh, then I check my email and my pal Steph sends me a sneaky trick of an email! She totally freaked me out!! Great one Steph, you so totally got me! What a fun Halloween!


Stephanie said...

The kids look so cute! I love that scarecrow costume!
Hey I couldn't believe Dancing with the Stars! I was so shocked Sabrina left. I totally thought she was going to win it all. Hey were her and her partner a think or what??? I think I want Jennie Garth to win. I just like watching her partner "overwhelm her with affection" every week.

Amie said...

I was really sad when Sabrina was voted off! =( I'm guesing Jane tonight.

Kristy said...
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Kristy said...

Love the kids costumes! Luke is so stinking cute! I like Jeds bobbing for candy idea.

Kristy said...
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Valery said...

I love that picture of your son with his face in the cady!!! Priceless!!!!