Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All Is Well...

I am excited to say that my ribbon garland was a hit for the savvy n sassy contest, and I held my lead in first place. The final round is this week. I have to do one more page and turn it in by Thursday. Results will probably be announced Friday! I'm crossing my fingers... Thanks for all the compliments everyone!

Christmas is fast approaching! Are you all ready for the big day? I have some wrapping to do, and just a few little things, but mostly we are done! We will be traveling to see the grandparents for the holiday and that will be nice. The kids are buzzing with excitement!

As an FYI, I did in fact change the settings on my comments for the blog. You can leave a comment but I will approve it then post it for you. this is a security precaution. Sorry for the inconvience. Feel free to still leave me a comment, I love them! If I know you, you can visit any time and comment where you feel like it. I know I have lots of lurkers who dont comment, so thanks to all of you for visiting! Thats all I wanted to say...

Thanks for the holiday goods Victoria! I love ya!

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