Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good Samaritan

Definition: one who is compassionate and helpful to a person in distress.

Have you ever been helped by a good Samaritan? Have you ever been the Samaritan? I feel like this is the time of year that we tend to show this side of ourselves and the opportunities to do for others seem to be endless. I have been blessed to cross paths with Samaritans more than once in my life. I remember long long ago, when I was 16 or 17, and I traveled to a very large city with 2 friends. My mom didn't know I was there...Yes, I lied. My little $400 Mazda overheated and I had really no clue what to do about the oozing green antifreeze leaking from the car. A man appeared and offered knowledge and information, and jugs of water and antifreeze. I won't forget that day... It was also a day I realized I should not lie to my mom! But I was grateful for the help of a stranger. This has happened other times as well. I am grateful today for the Samaritan who helped Erick with his tire issues this icy cold morning! I am so thankful for my sister, who has "church" connections and brought my family a housewarming basket of food and goodies to help us through the cold winter months! I smile every time I open my pantry and see 3 giant bulging bags of m&m's!! Hooked UP!

This is the season of giving, of hope, of charity-which is indeed the Pure Love of Christ, and of love for our fellowman. As you celebrate this joyful holiday season, remember that Christ is the one true reason to celebrate. His birth was one of many miracles to come... Find time to make your own miracles for your family and those around you.

Happy Holidays, from my family to yours!


Tricia said...

that was well written and said well! Thanks for the reminders!

Stephanie said...

I probably should have read your Christmas post before mine. :)

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Happy Holidays to you!!!


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Laura said...

You always now just the right things to say.

Sheila said...

Beautiful Becca!