Saturday, April 19, 2008

The little things

Erick brought home some flowers for me last week when I was having a bad day. Does he know how to brighten my day or what?

The following pictures are from a trip to Great Clips today. They are having their $4.99 hair cut sale. We took Ella in because she was overdue for a trim. I have always cut the kids hair. I don't mind doing it, as long as they let me. But it was so worth it to have someone else sweep up the mess and tell the kids to sit still. Jed was very good! Even when the lady nicked his ear with her trimmers. I resisted going "momma bear" on her. I was worried that he would be upset but he wasn't. Ella was more wiggly. She wanted to hold the mirror and the hair clips and asked the lady if she was the "barber". Ella has cut her own hair I think 3 times! So I made a point of telling her that Crystal could cut her hair because she's a grown up. And only grown ups can cut hair. I have no idea how well that message was received. Only time will tell.

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wendy said...

Awe how sweet he brought you flowers! That was a very thoughtful thing to do...can I give him dh's number?!? lol

And what a great deal on haircuts...I don't like spending a lot of money on the because our kids hair grows so fast.

Stephanie said...

Love the haircuts! I think I might have gone momma bear if they cut something other than their hair!

Lucy said...

Cutie pies!!

janet said...

Hi!! How are you?
My husband never buys me flowers anymore. He really needs to have a chat with your hubby! How sweet. Love the haircut pics too! Hope you have a great week!