Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hero Worship comes full circle

Art by Alex Ross

Or: Superhero Weekend
The dictionary defines hero worship as:

1. a profound reverence for great people or their memory.
2.  extravagant or excessive admiration for a personal hero. 

Our little Jed seems to feel this way for his dad. He thinks he is the "bees knees" and just the greatest dad ever. It has been so sweet over the years to see Jed embrace the interests of his dad in order to relate to him. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery is it not? So Jed and Erick are pals. Great buddies who spend a lot of time together. Today I got see that hero worship come full circle as Erick got to meet a personal "hero" of his own. Hero might not be the exact right word, but I would say Erick has a profound reverence for Alex Ross. Who is Alex Ross? If you asked me 8 years ago, I would not know, but now that I am becoming well versed in the topics of comic books I can tell you, he is one the best Comic Book artists out there. We got to go to an autograph signing by Alex today. Erick and I took Jed. (Thanks to my sis for watching the other two rug rats so they didn't break the merchandise at the store!!) Jed was very good and we got him pumped up and excited about the whole thing. At first I did not think it was too big a deal, but Erick often reminds me that Alex Ross is his all time fave artist. Erick has some wonderful collection books of his and I agree, he is amazing! So, as soon as Alex showed up, I got excited! It was fun to meet someone famous and it was especially exciting to see Erick - the big wonderful kid that he is - meet someone he really admires. I got some pictures and Alex's wife was kind enough to offer to take a picture so that I could be in the shot. He was a very normal, good guy. He signed several autographs personally to Erick and Jed. It was a really fun moment and I think it was a great pick me up for E. He got these great books for Christmas last year and he was able to take them in and get them signed. It made me feel so good to see my sweet husband so happy! 

See, Happy.
This is the unedited version, excuse the red eyes. Check me out, total comic book geek.
That is the sweet wife in the background. She flipped through Erick's Mythology book to show us all the best photo in the book, not her hubby's awesome art, but a shot of their cute puppy. Alex is laughing at something Jed is saying. My celebrity brain cloud kicked in and I don't remember what he said though. Shucks.
Check out Jed's excited smile!
On our way out of the store Jed was skipping and shouted: "That was awesome!"

Last night Erick and I got to go out on a little date night. First one in a long while it seems. We hardly get to. So we went and saw the new Batman movie. It was a lot of fun. We ran into the nice chick who gave me my awesome haircut. Random. The movie rocked. So awesome and Heath Ledger was amazing. I will be hoping he gets an Oscar nod for that one! It was a great movie, I highly recommend it on the big screen! 

**trivia: Can you guess what movie is playing on the big TV in the background? 


janet said...

Darn...I don't know the movie that is playing. What is it???
What great pictures. Love how you describe how your son just loves his Daddy! So sweet. So glad he was a great experience getting the autograph! Very cool!

Tricia said...

Well you did your wifely duty and indulged all look like you had fun. The person in the TV is Demi Moore, isn't it? I have not a clue what the movie is....
Cute pic of you with the red did you do that?

Lucy said...

no idea on the movie. and glad the kids had fun! :) I mean E and Jed!

Kelly said...

Mickey wants to know where Erick got that awesome poster.

Mickey said...

I'm totally jealous of that poster. What a cool experience! Is that Superman II playing in the background?

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

What a great experience for all of you!!

B said...

Becca becoming the comic book geek? What happened to you? Erick has converted you huh? Well, there's no turning back! Love and miss you guys.