Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Manic Monday

We have been busy the last week or so. Last week I did a lot of yard work and Erick and I started redoing our bathroom. Nice. Mostly painting and I would just like to thank my mom for moving, because we took so much of her stuff, including bathroom paint that she never got around to using and it is the perfect color for our bathroom. Its gray. I am ashamed to say that I forgot to take before pictures. Terrible I know. I could take intermediate pics but what is the point? So that has been fun, but tomorrow I look forward to cleaning up some of the mess and getting the bathroom back to almost normal. 

Um, Jed starts school 2 weeks from tomorrow. I am having a bit of a panic attack. He doesn't know it yet, but he has to get shots on Wednesday. Sorry Bud. Be a big boy for momma. He is such a sweet boy and the kid of mine that I worry about the most. He has been my buddy for nearly 6 years. (He turns 6 next month too... ooh heart pangs.) Now we all know how life started with Jed. If you forgot check this post. But now he is so helpful to have around, fetching what I need, shouting when a random kid runs out the back door, announcing messes as the get made, and he can make his own lunch, pour his own drinks. Good thing he will only be gone a couple hours a day. Now we are prepared, his backpack is already bulging with crayons, a pencil box, glue, and scissors. I still need kleenex and snacks. Here is a question, why does each student need to bring 50-100 lunch sacks? If there are 23 kids in a class -  you do the math - how in the world will they use up that many brown bags for projects? What am I missing? I am excited for this new adventure and phase in Jed's life. I know he will LOVE it and I will too. 

Here are a few scrap projects I have done lately for your viewing pleasure. I entered a couple contests with a couple of these just for the heck of it. The first one is my 2nd digital layout. Not sure how I feel about it, but it was fun. 
This one below was a photo I did for school.
 I really liked the shot of Ella's bike, so I scrapped it. 
These photos were not taken by me. Thanks to Grandma Cherri for sending them to us.
This one below was also for school. I did a page about my new toy. 
This project was so fun!! I downloaded a free digital kit from Jessica 
and used her papers and a template and printed out this little box on my printer! How 
cool right? It opens up to be filled with little goodies. 
And this one was for a challenge to do a simple page in 30 minutes. 
I think I managed to get that done. 
Thanks for stopping by today! I am off to stare at the television after a long day of hard work. Luke wanted to sit on my lap most of the day, so of course I obliged. Toodles. 


Kelly said...

In the beginning (of my career of being a student's mother) I used to think the teacher wanted all this stuff for herself. I thought "How could they possibly need all this stuff from every student?" I learned the bags are for bringing home snacks that didn't get eaten at parties and the like. The teacher knows what she/he is doing. You're lucky to have a list already. We won't get one until the first day of school, I think.

Nice work on the pages. I so need to get back into scrapping again. Now I'm only further behind. Sigh.

Lucy said...

I'm so impressed with all your work... I'm tired just looking at it, I think I'll go take a nap next to my barf bag.

love ya.

Tricia said...

I am in awe. These are fantabulous works of art my friend! {{bowing down to you}}

melita said...

terrific Becca! love them all!

Amie said...

wow, super cute layouts! you are on a mega roll. Love em the bright colors!