Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here are 2 layouts I did using one of the August kits from Paper Popsicles. I loved this kit and still have so much do with it! Isn't Ella the cutest?
And here is a page I did at a crop night with my pal Kelly. We were there for what, 4 hours Kelly? And this was the one page I got done! We were busy chatting, munching on pizza, and wandering around the store. It was a lot of fun. Whenever I scrap with Kelly I have to ask her opinion on every step of the process and she always helps me out. She provided the tool to cut out the blue title letters and was full of great suggestions!  Although, she was a little unsure of the giant bling brad, but I think it rocks. he he. I kept referring to it as the Pink Panther diamond. (Even though it was blue, I had some pink ones.) Thanks for a great girls night out Kelly!!
Below is a layout I did digitally recently. I used supplies from several different sites including Jessica Sprague's site and some others. I am having a journaling block. I just don't feel like writing clever things about the photos in my layouts. I think some journaling is probably what's missing from this page, but oh well. I really like doing these pages quickly. It's great practice for school. 
So, in other news; all is well with the fam. Ok well, honestly, Erick's work peeps keep calling us in the middle of the night. The kids keep getting up and thus, we are a tad worn out. However we are managing to keep our house clean and entertain the kids. Last night we did a task I have wanted to finish ever since we moved in! Remind me and I will post about that in the next few days. (Gotta keep the suspense or none of you will return right?)

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Kelly said...

Becca, I think your layout turned out great. Even the big blue bling. Thanks for mentioning me. I will be sure to do the same whenever I get around to posting my work. I really love cropping by committee. I think everyone should have someone to bounce ideas off of. Should we do another crop the Friday before your birthday? I could make my white & chocolate cake with the raspberry filling.