Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School's Back in Session

Well I know all my avid blog readers are impatiently waiting for the big reveal of first day of school photos. I finally have some time tonight. First of all, let me just say that my camera had several fingerprints (LUKE) on the lens for Jed's photos. So they have a nice cloudy hue to them. Sigh... This is the life I live. So here is Jed before school. I took some pictures of him after school too, but he looked just as happy both times, so I will spare the similar shots. 

This last picture just tugs on my heart because he looks so small compared to the bus!

So how did he do? He loved it! He has rode the bus before, but it's been a year ago. He has two friends he already knows in his class. He actually said a prayer that one of his buddies would be in his class, and sure enough! How is that for a powerful lesson in praying for the desires of our hearts? He doesn't seem to mind going to school everyday. He did tell me that he didn't like the bus ride home because all the other kids kept getting off the bus and not him. He was on the bus for 45 minutes after school! Poor kid. I hope that I will be able to drive him and Ella both daily soon. He is a trooper though and I think he will tough it out when he has to. He told me he knows how to read. This was news to me, so he started telling me a story from a book and then he said, "I know everything about books!" So after one day he is a know-it-all. That's my boy!

Today was Ella's first day of preschool. She was really upset last night, crying and saying she didn't want me to leave her at school. Now if you know Ella you may be confused because that is not like her. Well she was fine. She loved it! Her teacher told me she talked non stop. Which is actually a good thing in her program, she is a Buddy in a special Ed class. So some kids have special needs and some don't. Ella doesn't so she is a peer model which helps encourage the kids to learn. It is a wonderful opportunity, very affordable, and in the same school as her brother!! awesome!!! And I admit, I was giddy with happiness for my 3 hours of quiet time with Luke. He was adorable and content to hang with me. Tomorrow we will venture out together in the morning, which I am soooo looking forward to. Here is Ella being cute on her first day. The photos are bright/washed out on purpose, but I am not sure how I feel about them. Check out her unprompted pose by the door! What a ham.


Amie said...

the kids look great!

Lucy said...

They look SO BIG!!

BTW, did you DO her hair?? ;)

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh, Becca your kids are adorable. I remember those early years when I sent my children off to school. Sad times. Now they are soooo big!! *sigh*

wendy said...

SO CUTE! I love the pictures :) The one with the shadow is great!!

Kristy said...

cutest kids ever!
The pic of Jed with the shadow made me tear up!!! I am relived to hear school went well.

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad school went well. Jed and Ella both look adorable!!! Eva starts school next week. We finally bought a house and the school is not year round! Yes! We need to talk sometime!!!