Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Erick and I are having yet another go at Body For Life. We did it successfully last year, nearly two years ago, cause we started in January of 2007. We were a good looking couple for a while. Not that we are homely or anything now, but... well the weight is back. This has been an unusual experience for me. I never had an issue with weight until having kids. I lost weight with each kid but each time, a little stuck around. Then in the past year the weight I did lose came back. Ugh. This annoys me for many reasons, but mainly, I really love to eat... junk food. But, after much discussion Erick and I are back on the wagon. We joined a new gym, so I can go too. (Before Erick worked out by work, and I worked out by my work: family room). So, the fun begins. Erick reminded me that this is a tough time of year to diet and try to get healthy. But I think if we can do it now, we can stick with it. The gym we joined is great. They have a kids room!! So I get to have some time to myself, and I look forward to some date nights with E there as well. Wish us luck!

Today my sister stopped by with a surprise for my kiddos. New funny shirts! Gotta love the unexpected gift. (Just as I typed that I heard Jed say, "AAhh, not on my brand new shirt!!!") Here are a few pics. I think they are so appropriate for my goofball children.
LUKE: CAUTION: I wreck things
(Case in point, he knocked over the dog food bucket, and stuck his legs in it, with dog kernels rolling around the kitchen floor while he made swimming motions with his feet - today).

Well, really, we will find out tomorrow when I attend Ella's parent/teacher conference.

Doesn't Jed look like a rockstar? He loves to jam to music, even swings his arm and plays his own air guitar. He is a natural. He is also something of a ladies man - with two girlfriends at school.

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my other sister. My own personal box of ghostly goodies! Yay!!! Erick got to try them... no, its fine, they were on the diet. They were in my house, now they are in my belly. I just don't know why it's so hard to lose a few pounds.


Lucy said...

I'm just curious if Luke has found the fire alarm at the gym yet...

Anonymous said...

I love the shirts. They are just adorable. I need to get one of those caution one's for Kristian. He is little Mr. Destructive lately.

janet said...

Love the shirts!!! Too funny!