Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ronny and Jonny

I love my creepy garbage men. Do you love yours? Do you know what I mean by creepy? I am not saying all garbage men are creepy. I have a friend who's husband used to be a garbage man, he is not creepy, now or then. (Yes, K, I'm talking about your hubby) But I think I am allowed to think my current trash guy is creepy. Here is why. I once pulled up next to a garbage truck, specifically my garbage truck, and one of the guys was riding on the outside. It was a hot summer day, so he was sporting a dirty wife beater, long hair, and overall creepiness, and he peered into my van window and said, "hi darlin'" ooh creepiness!!! See what I mean? But, I still love them. Why? well isn't it obvious? They haul away my most smelly, worthless goods. They took a broken washing machine that had an almost permanent spot in my garage, they took an obnoxiously large TV that never worked, and today, they took my broken oven, and along with it my emotional burdens, anxieties over not being able to cook a decent meal, and the memory of some slightly dangerous "oven incidents". They have taken mounds and mounds of yard waste, and even rolls of stinky 1960's carpet. And the kicker? Today they left me a Christmas card. So to Ronny and Jonny, I say, Happy Holidays to you as well!

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Kelly said...

Our garbage man leaves us a card every year too with a candy taped to it. Like I'd eat it after it's been around the trash can. It kind of weirds me out.