Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Before I Forget.

So I am trying to be productive. Who knows why it seems impossible. Maybe it's the kid with the cold who has been clinging to my leg for 3 days, or the little girl who insists on wearing my slips and other unmentionables around the house, or my 6 year old who is so busy my head spins. But, while I was being busy myself, my kids started playing a game of Guess Who. Then I remembered the first time we played this game as a family. Ella and Jed were soooo funny. They said things like, Does your guy have lips? Does your lady have a chin? Just now Ella asked Jed, "Is your guy bauld?" (Not a type-o, thats how she says bald. he he.) Oooh funniness. Ok, back to domestic intervention, household hygene, and other educational pursuits.


Regina said...

kids always say the funniest things..ella is adorable with the curls and i love those photos of jed as a baby!

wendy said...

This is such a fun game, my kids still don't really get the hang of it. Which ones to put down, etc. It's fun though! I love when kids say the funniest things :)

Stephanie said...

We got this game for Eva. The girls also love it! I remember loving this game when I was little.