Tuesday, January 6, 2009

During our winter vacation...

I got wild this past holiday and planned a road trip to visit my sister who lives far far away in the land of make believe. I packed our trusty Toyota van, the 3 kids, a double stroller, and a dog leash (just in case!) and we left our sweet E at home to travel the winding roads of the Midwest. We drove 10 hours in two days and spent 4 days with cousins and my sis and we had a wonderful time. The kids were amazingly good on the drive. A shout out of gratitude to my good friend Melissa for loaning us the magic weapon, (a DVD player) to make life in a stinky van a little easier. Within the first hour of the trip I had to leave a small box of barf on the side of the road in Ohio, but otherwise, a mostly uneventful journey. We got to stay in the same hotel coming and going, another shout out to my kind father in law for the very nice accommodations. The kids enjoyed the hotel rooms, I enjoyed the hotel bed sheets. I love them. Always have, always will. My sister was quite the hostess and made some mouth watering meals for us. German pancakes, breakfast burritos, Homemade pizza with a pear and pomegranate salad, cheesy chili dip (my bro-in-law made this), and chicken enchiladas... Yum-o right??? It was so fun to see all the kids playing and running around. I didn't take many pictures, but here are a couple. My one attempt at a group shot.

Luke played with toys the whole time! Here he is playing along with his little cuz, Laila, who is such a doll - sweet and yummy, and just plain adorable.

My one regret... I didn't get to take pics of my preggo sister with her fancy schmancy camera, the day we had planned to do it, she managed to fake some kind of "food poisoning" and acted like it was "blistering cold" outside so we couldn't do it. Sorry sis! I really wanted to do that for you!

(PS. they are moving next month, right about when the baby is due, and if you like her newly
remodeled kitchen, its for sale!)

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Lucy said...

LMAO. Your last line is killing me.... Boy we have good genes, all our kids are dang cute.