Friday, January 9, 2009

My Jed.

Every now and then I have moments where I am in tune with the deep love and appreciation I have for my children. I say in tune, because I always love my kids, but in the day to day chaos, its easy to forget certain feelings. Jed is kind of a stinker lately. I have noticed an increase in his need to irritate his siblings. I am realizing that I am entering untrained territory. I am something of a veteran mom... I have done the baby thing, 3 times, and I have potty trained two thirds of my kids and am working on the last third. I know all sorts of statistics about breastfeeding, typical development of a baby/toddler. But 6 year old boys, in school... I have no clue! So I think he is normal, but the picking fights and being sort of contrary is all new to me. Particularly from my first "momma's boy".

Jed has a sweet heart though. He is sensitive like his dad (and mom) and is generally kind to everyone, most of the time. He is our helper. He is quick to get wipes, socks, or anything I might ask him to fetch for me. I have recently discovered he will do this for other people too, including his Aunts. He has a special fondness for his newest cousin, Ferris. He is always excited to see him and wants to hold him and kiss him. (I can't blame him, Ferris is intoxicating)

Jed has a friend at school, a "girlfriend" and when he talks about her he becomes animated and excited. They draw pictures for each other at home and then exchange them at school. This friend is probably a near foot shorter than Jed, she has dark black hair and a sweet face. Another classmate described Jed's special friend as a girl with sticks for legs. Jed's friend has special needs. She has some physical challenges but intellectually she is just fine. Today Jed got to take a note to her, asking her mom to call me so that we can set up a play date. He clung to the note as if it were gold. We happened to all arrive at school together, so Jed got to walk in with her. They held hands.

Other times I have seen her walk a step behind Jed, using his backpack for support. Walking is no simple task for this sweet girl. This morning, I saw Jed look down at her, talking and smiling, and my heart nearly burst. This overwhelming kind heart of his comes from his dad. I married a man with a huge heart and I love that Jed has inherited this wonderful gift. Jed seems to not even notice his friend's special needs, he just loves talking with her. I imagine what this friendship will mean to them both throughout their lives. How great for a little girl with special needs to find a friend who sees her simply as a friend, not a kid with a disability. And for Jed, to see past a person's physical challenges and see the wonderful friend inside. I don't think I could really teach that to my kids, and I love that Jed already knows.

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Stephanie said...

That is seriously so sweet. What a sweet heart he has.