Friday, March 20, 2009

Kinetic Typography

One of my classes this semester is Typography. It is a really cool class! I am having a lot of fun creating cool designs, all with type! Who knew. Anyway, one of the things that is cool is that me and my classmates like to find cool typography stuff and share with each other. A buddy from class showed us all this video, and I thought it was so fun and cool. It relates to a current assignment, although we are not making videos with type in our class... but its a lot fun. So enjoy! Even if you don't know much about type, its a fun song. Makes me smile. Last night in class we had a lecture on LOGO's. I got all giddy and realized that creating logos for small businesses is something I would really love to do.

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Emily said...

That is a great song and great video! I'm so fascinated by your classes--wish I could do something like that too. Very cool!