Monday, March 23, 2009

clearly, we must not be washing our hands enough. After a brief visit to Jed's classroom, I ended up with a nasty sinus infection, or cold, or whatever. Few days later Jed is out with a fever, barfs, and other chills and ills. Today I kept him home one more day to recover. Zipped off to the gym with him and Luke though, (because I really think he could have gone to school, but who wants a fight on monday morning right?) I got back from the gym only to find that Ella's teacher called more than hour before, asking me to come get her because she had fever and chills, etc... Uh oh. So I zip off to get her, and within hours, she is barfing too. Ella is the best patient! I love her when she is sick. She nearly always makes it to the toilet, sleeps and lays down without making much of a peep. Except when she is thirsty and cant have anything. Also, Jed kept puking in the middle of the night, so annoying, so my small blessing today I hope, is that Ella will still sleep good tonight!!! A mom can dream. Meanwhile, I will continue my endless cleaning cycles with Lysol, and other fun chemicals.

Maybe in a while I will come back and finally blog about our mini- vacay... since I cant get much else done.


Kristy said...

Uh bummer!!! Get well soon-EVERYONE!!!

Tricia said...

oh Becca, I am so sorry!!!!! hugs and prayers for all of you!

janet said...

Oh man. I feel your pain. 2 weeks ago we were SO sick. I hope you all feel better real soon. I tagged you for a little photo post...check out my blog when ever you can!