Thursday, April 23, 2009

the good, the bad, the scary.

The Good news:
· only 15 days left of school for me
· I am still training for my 5k
· the weather this weekend is going to be lovely
· my house is clean, mostly
· potty training Luke has been going quite well
· my husband was in my dreams as I slept, love him

The Bad news:
· my house is not completely clean
· only 2 weeks left to get a lot of homework done
· the darling Montessori school that I was going to blog about because I really want Ella to go there has no more spots available (add to good news: save $$$)
· I am tired, oh so very tired, from certain 3 year olds who are having trouble sleeping
· potty training Luke has resulted in zero poos in the toilet, still

The Scary news:
· I saw a man walking through a park near my school multitasking: peeing and walking simultaneously. THANK goodness my kids didn't see
· Last night, during a brief moment of sleep, I was awoken to the sounds of a cat fight, literally, outside my window. I decided not to look.


scrapwordsmom said...

Becca, What a cute idea for a post. I love reading about your life. Someday we must meet...

Tricia said...

you seriously CRACK ME UP Becca!