Saturday, April 4, 2009


Don't we look like Veteran parents?
We know what we are doing. Old hat.

was Luke's 3rd birthday! How time flies. He is the baby of our family, the caboose if you will (borrowed from my sis Lucy). It seems like he has been with us forever, but 3 years really isn't that long. He was our surprise baby.
I found out I was pregnant with him shortly before we moved to South Bend. I was generally 'less' excited about the prospect of another baby. Ella was not even one yet. Plus we were pretty much sure we were only going to have 2 kids. oops. I remember trying to pack and move while in my first trimester. Ugh. The day we moved my mom was there to look after the kids while Erick and I cleaned up and loaded the truck. At one point I remember crawling out of the bathroom because I was so sick. I had worked so hard and my body was done. We survived that day and the first trimester. (Thanks Mom!)
I managed to find an outstanding midwife for my maternity care. Labor was an amazing experience and by far, my favorite, maybe because I knew what my body was doing, and maybe because of Bobbie. She was the best. My in laws took Jed and Ella for what ended up being about 10 days. So I got to have some quiet time in the last days of my last pregnancy. They brought the kids home the day after we brought Luke home. Jed and Ella loved Luke from day one.
He has been nothing but the sweetest blessing to our family. An added surprise and the perfect compliment to his brother and sister. Now, 3 years later he is all boy. Solid, fast, wild, funny, cuddly and just a bit of a stinker. He can hold his own in a 'rough house' match with Jed or Ella, and loves to jump off stairs. Eek.
See Jed's pants? They are too small for Luke now.

Sweet boys.

Yesterday Erick stayed home from work and we took the kids to Chic-Fil-a. Luke was in heaven. He loves loves loves to play. Then we came home and gave him presents and made pizzas for dinner. He is also learning to use the potty and I have a feeling it's not going to take all that long. He is an awesome kid. I am slowly figuring out how to treat him like a kid and not a baby.
Making Pizza! Yum!!!

A few highlights from age 2:
*pulled not one, but two different fire alarms within 3 days of each other.
*got lost for a good 20 minutes in our neighborhood. Had to call 911.
*Forcefully quit needing a binkie. (finally)
*Started to learn to use the potty.
*Loves Spiderman
*Falls asleep during nursery at church.
*Still loves his blankie.



Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Luke!! He is such a little man.

Emily said...

Ahhhh, that's so sweet! Happy Birthday Luke!

Tricia said...

happy birthday cutie patootie! I can't believe how much like Erick he looked like after he was born! Sheeshk!

btw, head over to my blog, you have been tagged!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Luke! I am an emotional basket case I tell ya. Your post mad me want to cry. Wish you were in Fort Wayne!!!