Saturday, May 9, 2009

A is For...

And that's all folks! School is finally out for the summer...which is so great! I start summer school in a month, but the two classes are online, and SHOULD be fairly easy.

B is for Business... and the B I got in my 'Business Practices for the Visual Artist' class. There is something you should know about me. I like getting good grades. More specifically, A grades. This B is going to Bug me for a LONG while. Now, I know you are all going to try to give me a pep talk, and I am counting on that. But let me also just inform you, I was a measly 2% away from an A!! 2%!!!! So, just know, that B, its a high B, like, almost an A, B. I fought for more points on the final from the Prof, she gave me a couple points, but not enough for the A. I am actually SO annoyed I could Barf.

C is for Cat. Yes thats right. We got a cat. How about that? Jed has wanted one for more than a year. With all that has been going on with him this year, we decided to test him out. He had to do some chores and basically take care of Daisy for a period of time. If he could do that, we would consider a cat. He did great with the Daisy-sitting. And so far, he is still taking care of her, and the new cat, Kit Fisto. He is 5 and we adopted him from the PetRefuge. Jed is actually doing so well with his jobs and even gets excited when the cat poops so he can clean it up. We have also seen an improvement in Jed's behavior and overall attitude. Can't argue with that. I am fairly sure I will have days of regret, but overall, I am quite fond of the guy. Except that he sleeps on my computer chair. Rude.

Who is Kit Fisto you ask? Really.


Tricia said...

I will not give you a pep talk...YOU ROCK with a HIGH nearly A, B, 3 kids, a husband, a great dog, and a super cat.
um, Kit Fisto? I thought this was Jed's cat?

Emily said...

Well, D is for darn good! and darn cute post! Sorry about the B. That would bug me so bad too. I know really you deserved an A. Those Darn teachers!

Melissa said...

Hi Becca,

So here it is

Kristy said...

You are too smart for me. I'm going to feel uncomfortable when I talk to you.
NOOOOOO!!! I can't tell Carter that Jed got a cat!! He asks for a cat everyday. His Father gives a firm no. I keep trying to feed stray cats with no luck so far. Cade calls the cat 3 houses down his best friend. Congrats Jed!! Jed really doesn't mind cleaning a litter box? What a great opportunity you've given him.