Friday, April 24, 2009

Holy Mother of Prizes!!

My final assignment for my Typography class is to create a newspaper ad for a business. Part of the process is coming up with catchy Headers (headlines) and subheads. How was the title of this post? Catchy? Clever? Or just confusing? Either way, its worth stopping and reading this announcement. My favorite blog stop for a dose of humor and reality is of course, the one and only, Meanest Mom. LOVE her! OOhhh she cracks me up. Anyway, visit THIS post to see what awesome giveaways she has going on... but HURRY... tonight is the deadline!!!
The Meanest Mom


Kristy said...

Thanks for recommending The Meanest Mom blog. I have been following it, she is the funniest!!

wendy said...

Very cute blog. TFS! Super cute graphics.