Monday, June 1, 2009

How Goes It...

Yesterday I took the kids to church Sans Erick. The kids were sorta out of control during the first hour of Sacrament where they had to sit still. But miraculously I didn't have to take them out at all. That was impressive. Luke kept his undies dry during his 2 hours of play time in the nursery, and Ella didn't run away from her class. A successful day at church I would say. Jed also did not fall asleep. Awesome.

One week from today I start my summer school classes. Personal Finance and Biology 101. Both are online and only last 8 weeks. I am looking forward to knocking out these pre-req's from my list of must take classes.

We have been potty training Luke for months now. He is pretty great with going 'number 1' but number 2 is elusive in the toilet. Undies, pull-ups, the bathtub, no problem, but getting that number 2 in the toilet is a mystery. Erick is home today and we have spent the whole morning in the bathroom. We promised Luke a day of fun, eating out, going to a movie, nothing could get the kid to push. So, we are attempting tough love - E took Jed and Ella to the movies. Luke is falling asleep for a nap. So I am not sure the tough love is working. Hm... I guess we will see when the kids get home and Luke wakes up. Personally, I am in heaven right now. I think I am going to go read a book - or something.

Last day of school pictures to come eventually. They need to be edited first. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a quiet house. We need to get you guys over for BBQ sometime soon now that the deck is done. Next time we chat, well schedule it.