Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am so excited!! I have been mulling over some digital - graphic - scrap plans and ideas the last few days. I want to keep myself busy with graphic design related projects during down time, and also combine my many interests. I have finally found a simple way to combine things, and it will all benefit YOU!! I am thinking, freebies and custom fun... so please stay tuned for an announcement soon!!!

Here are pictures from the kids and their last day of school back in May... So far we are enjoying our days off... Luke and Ella are even taken to sleeping in most mornings, and we are keeping the kids up a little later too.

Here's the gang. Luke was a trooper all year, tagging along when we had to drop off Ella and Jed, and then he would go with me to the gym, and sometimes we stopped at a cafe for strawberries and yogurt. He was always excited when the kids got home from school too.

Ella just adored Miss Amy. She was a great teacher and sure loved her kids. She tried to find a balance between encouraging Ella, and also preparing her for school in the future by working with her on taking turns talking, singing at appropriate times, and saving comments for the right moment. Ella is quite the student, and I look forward to her future.

We were so lucky this year to have a wonderful family move into the neighborhood. They are also good church friends. We had a great system for car pooling. I took the kids in the morning, and Melissa brought them all home. Here is Jed with his good buddy, Spencer.

The pair of rugrats who keep me on my toes and at my witt's end most days. They have a secure, love-hate relationship! Typical siblings. :)

Little Miss Artist herself.

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Joanie said...

OMGoodness the kiddos are just adorable! Love all their smiles!