Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today while doing research regarding my upcoming announcement, I came across this adorable little house on Etsy. These photos are of the one Ella and I made. You can buy your own PDF here. Isn't it cute? It's all printed on my own cardstock, and we glued down the trees and mushrooms, but we can move little red around wherever we want. So fun.

This is a book I made for my mom for her birthday last month. I have had the bird for a very long time, and decided to make my mom a book where she can record her many encounters with nature. She recently moved out West, where nature seems more beautiful and inspiring at times.

Thanks for peeking in! I am off to finish cleaning out a linen type closet, that I am going to slowly convert to a food storage closet. For your own information on food storage and its importance, you can visit this link. I love stocking up on foods with coupon savings, so I hope to start really preparing for any emergency that may come our way... heaven forbid.


Anonymous said...

The book came out beautiful. I am sure your mom will love it. I am so excited for your upcoming announcement.

Emily said...

Oh man. those are cute! way to go food storage!