Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photo editing Pro Bono

Erick has given me some sound advice on working on my degree. He suggested that even if I am not taking Photoshop classes, I need to act as if I am, and do work and projects on a regular basis. (Did I say something about that on my randomly new design blog???? - more on that later) So a friend mentioned having some family photos taken, but they didn't think about the background for the pictures... I interpreted her comments as, "what, you say you need someone to doctor up your photos? Sure I will do it for you, because you are a great friend, and I need the practice." Melissa is a blogger and so I don't think she will have issue with me posting pictures of her children. (Let me know if that is not the case, Melissa). So here are the three images I had to work with in their original state. Note: I didn't take these pictures as mentioned, but they were really good to start with in my opinion, so editing them was pretty simple.

Aren't they such cute kids? They are great buddies!
And here are the ones with some pizazz...

The one below is my personal fave...

oh and so, what's the deal with my other blog you ask? A very wise and honest friend helped me realize that I can really do what I wanted to do there, here. So for now, I am going to come to my senses and only blog on the one blog I can barely maintain. duh. Happy Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't realize how much you "doctored" up until I saw the new ones next to the old ones. Thanks so much again!!