Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Cards and an Announcement!

In a perfect world, I would have a easy flowing schedule and system for all my fun hobbies and all the must-do's of each day. Sundays would be my blogging and card making, paper crafting day. I won't say that I will post cards every Sunday, but I can imagine that I will. Here are some cards I made Friday night. I had fun with these. 3 were for the weekly challenge over at Paper Popsicles. They have a monthly theme, and each week they post an inspiring challenge for you to complete. The first one for June was a set of 3 cards that you create marking important events in someone's life. I made a card for a wedding/engagement, a fun and funky birthday card, and a graduation card. I also made two other cards just because I was on a roll.

I had a lot of fun making these cards. I decided to improve my bow making skills. So I did some online research, including my online friend, Jackie's blog, and some great YouTube tutorials. I see my ribbon in a different light now, and need to do some shopping I think for some new kinds of ribbons.

Notice some cosmetic improvements on my blog? Don't get too excited, I just downloaded an awesome template from You can click the link in the upper left corner of my blog and go get your own. The best part, they are free!!! How fun and exciting!

If you just have not had enough of me yet, I have posted about my fun announcement here. I have started a new blog, all about my journey as a graphic design student and I am going to be sharing my graphic creativity with you all there. I will also be having some great freebies that I will share with you all. Including printable tags and goodies, wallpaper for your computer and other fun things... as time permits! So please stop by and visit!


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute. You can get bags of ribbon at Hancock Fabric. They are normally 30 yards (2 yards each of 15 different kinds) for $2.00 but they are on sale right now for $1.00 a bag. Just FYI.

Tricia said...

absolutely GORGEOUS cards my friend miss you

wendy said...

Very nice work! The new blog is great :). I'll be bookmarking!