Thursday, September 17, 2009

Urine Trouble Part 2

See this majestic beast? This is exactly what the two lions at our local zoo look like. Seriously. I took the kids after school yesterday. Which, incidentally is a great time to go, because its not very busy. They had a great time, we all did. Great weather, not crowded. Right before we left we were checking out the lions because they were up, walking around. One of them even jumped off some rocks. That was awesome. They were hanging out by the zookeeper who was feeding the birds in the cage next door. The lions kept staring at us. Then all of a sudden, one of them stared us down, turned around and sprayed us with his pee. AWESOME. Ella described it to our car pool friend this morning as a sprinkler! Yup. Pretty accurate. Jed told our car pool friend, 'my mom screamed like a girl!' Yup. Pretty accurate. The zookeeper said, 'oh thats his scent glands, you pretty much belong to him now.' oh ok, good. just what I need. to belong to a lion. Just call me, 'Scent of a lion'

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