Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet November

Where have you gone?

This month has been bonkers. Seriously bonkers. Crazy school, crazy world, crazy life. But alas, Fall break is fast approaching, and the semester is winding down. Per request of my few and faithful reader(s) (you know who you are) here are some more Halloween pictures.

out for the tricks and treats.

Friday night we went to video store and walmart in costume.

this was the local Zoo Boo.

One wonderful thing in November for our little family is that our sweet Jed is rocking 1st grade. I think I have blogged about him being in the Special Education program. He tested quite low for math, reading, language arts, in Kindergarten. Well, last week, they asked if they could put him back in the regular room for math, because he was doing so well. Then this week, they asked if he could do reading in the regular classroom. They told us that he would always have a learning disability. However, if he has one, we dont know what it is exactly, and we have hope that what he really needed was a bit of extra time. We realize the road is still long, but we are amazed with the work Jed is doing. He CAN read!!! Geesh! That is crazy! He is really doing well. Erick has been the homework master because I have been out to school every night, and it seems those boys understand each other.

Anyway, I am exhausted. I have some 'real' clients who are paying me for graphic design projects, and I have some other things in the works for school - must ponder on them first.

Whats on your Thanksgiving menu?

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