Saturday, December 5, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

Is some free time. :)
Yes, its snowing on my blog, pretty cool right? I think so. I got the snow and my festive background from Shabby Blogs. Love her.
School is winding down. Here is what I have left to do:
  • shopping bag. yup. making a shopping bag. so fun! Going to be for JCrew's kids line, CrewCuts.
  • calendar. making a calendar using twelve commonly misspelled words. Fun typography in this one.
  • realistic object. Took a picture of one of Erick's action figures; Hawk Man, and I am going to make it into a drawing that will look real-ish.
Such fun projects for the end of the semester. Here is a brief look back at what I have been doing since September. Enjoy. This is about a third of all the work I have done, but some of them are less exciting, like order forms and stuff.

pictoral graph

Each technological invention or representation of such was recreated by me.

illustrative map
Logos and all elements created or recreated in Adobe Illustrator.

poster, Plakatstil Style
I had to create a poster of a modern product, using a design style from history.

magazine ad

illustrated flower
This is recreated in Illustrator from my own drawing. I had to use

calligraphic brushes and various colors.

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