Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catch Up

I recently went through my scrapbook albums. The kids each have one, and I know Luke needs many more pages documenting his life thus far. But I ran out of glue and printer ink for a while, so I went ahead and made a digital page of some older pictures of him. Maybe someday I will catch up on all my plans, projects, and ideas.

Today I went to help at Jed's school for a bit and have lunch with him. He is so fun to observe in his school environment. He is such a great kid and I know why the teachers all love him. Today was the 100th day of school and so they were busy making cereal necklaces and paper chains. His teacher mentioned that they shouldn't eat the cereal before lunch because it was too much sugar. Jed said, "Well I'm already a sweet kid." The teachers all laughed at his cuteness. A little girl in his class told me she "had a dream of me" not sure if I have ever seen her before, but I was glad to have been in her dream I think.

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