Saturday, January 16, 2010

As Seen On TV

Seriously. We all make fun of these infomercials right? Seriously. Even iCarly did a spoof, creating "the sack" which was sooo funny. A couple weeks before Christmas I had this sort of sinking feeling that I should ever so casually mention to Erick to not get me a snuggie. We had cracked on them in one of my classes even. I just thought E might try to buy me one and I didn't want to have to have that "happy" look on my face Christmas morning. So I told him, "don't get me a snuggie ok?" He agreed. Sure enough, Christmas morning, there was my blue snuggie. I laughed so hard. It came with a book light...which I did actually REALLY want. So we had a great laugh, and wouldn't you know it, the dumb thing is sooooo stinking comfortable and warm and cozy that I can't wear it without falling asleep. Seriously. I sleep all the time in it. Jed has started falling asleep in it too, and I had Erick try it out to see what I mean. He totally agreed that its nice. He just said his feet got cold. (Hes so tall, that man of mine) Jed wants one of his own. I told Erick today maybe they will show up for the kids for Valentines Day.


Kristy said...

Maybe they have toxins in them if you can't stay awake? So glad you are enjoying it!!!

Our Cute, Happy Family said...

I got a leopard print one for Christmas too. Pics at or blog. I also love... the book light!!!

Stephanie said...

Ok I'm laughing so hard. I can't believe you got a snuggie! I told Ian that I wanted matching his and hers leopard snuggies for Christmas and to no avail. But you really like it hun? Summer wanted that toothpaste dispenser for her bday and we love it so maybe it's time I give the snuggie a try!