Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Scraps

Well, only a few hours remain before starting the spring semester. Ah sigh...Its been a wonderful break. Lots of naps, several great and entertaining books, lots of time with the kids and Erick, and even some projects out of the way. For some reason, today is going by way too fast!

I decided to squeeze in a day of scrapping today before the homework starts to roll in. I got quite a few things done, up until I ran out of adhesive. Guess I will call it a day. I made 4 cards and one page, so thats pretty good I think. Recently I went through my three albums that I have for the kids, they each have their own. I realized there are only about half as many pages for Luke as for the other two. So I have been trying to whip up some pages of our little Lukie. Before he gets too big. I found some pictures that I will order some prints of, and make that my next goal, more pages for Luke.

What do you think of my elephant card? I got the template as a freebie from Paper Popsicles blog. They are changing things up, they closed the store, and are doing more blog based things, starting this Friday, January 15th. You can get an elephant template by visiting here. I used an unusual colored patterned paper for the elephant, and had fun with some other embellishments. I didn't write anything on the inside, because Im not sure what to put. I thought about coming up with something about friendship, carrying each others burdens... you know, giant elephant can carry lots of things...any suggestions?

Luke's page was for another challenge at Scrapbook Challenges. It was to make a page using no patterned paper. Kinda fun. The Hi card is for one their sketches.

Thanks for peeking in today. Oh lets give a brief update, I have already messed up some goals and resolutions, but I think Erick and I are going to sit down tonight and list some, so I think I might start fresh...again. :)

Happy Sunday.

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Kelly said...

That elephant is great! I wouldn't know what to put in it either but I like the way your thoughts were heading...carrying burdens. Aren't elephants supposed to be smart, at least have a good memory? How about being supportive? Sorry, now I'm rambling.