Sunday, April 11, 2010

Before and After

(Yes, mass blogging is my new technique to keep you updated, hope you scrolled down and read all the new posts...I think there are 4 or 5 today...)

So remember this room?

It now looks like this:

I think Erick would agree with me that if we took the current color of the walls and mixed it with the old color, we would have the color we both wanted...sigh...but we decided that we do really like how everything looks, so we are ok with it. You may notice there on that back wall, I scrapped 3 pages to match the room and framed them. This was so fun and I have plans to do one for Erick and I as well. Much more fun than just framing photos! (excuse Ella's games)

We got so many upgrades from this water damage crisis. See that tiny closet? It never had carpet in it before, but they put it in there for us anyway. We also got all new baseboards throughout the rooms too. Erick and I stayed up late the night before the carpet was installed and painted the ceilings too a fresh coat of white. We still want to replace doors and light fixtures and the switch plates and outlets, but its nice to enjoy our family room areas again!

And remember this room, the one that caused it all?

Well, I have a new favorite chore in my new favorite room:

You can't see the old wallpaper in the old photo, but it was a striped yellow and orange, retro, floral pattern. (dry heaving) They took down all the nasty paper and painted the room a color of my choosing. Then - believe it or not, they determined the old tile did not need to be replaced. You can see it a little in the before photo, but it was nasty. So I took a couple days, and popped off the old stuff and picked out some new stuff and laid it myself!! I managed to find a cement primer at my favorite thrift store/Restore, for only .75 cents and the flooring was about $60 but I have a lot left. We plan to put the same stuff in both of the bathrooms as well. But for now, I am LOVING this room and I LOVE the feeling that I did the work myself. (I kinda don't want to put the litter box back in there now). was a long couple of weeks of phone calls, and all kinds of people in and out of the house, but now, it was sooo worth it! If you are around, come by, and see for yourself.


Melissa said...

Everything looks so great!!! I can't wait to come over and see it in person.

Kelly said...

Lookin' good, Becca. Good job on the floor. That's a skill you can use and use.